Laser Printing Line between to Objects

Hello I have the Problem that the Laser even burns the Lines between two Objects Is it possible to switch the Laser off between two Objects or is that a bug.

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Are the lines just on your screen? or have you burnt an object (some paper) that burns the lines?

could you provide the original file so that we can try on our side.

Thank you all you Maker . Einen guten Rutsch ins Jahr 2019

G00 Z0.1000
G4 P1
G00 X15.1266Y8.8875
G01 Z-0.0020
G01 X15.1287Y8.8679
G01 X15.1314Y8.8571
G01 X15.1351Y8.8466
G01 X15.1399Y8.8365
G01 X15.1456Y8.8269
G01 X15.1523Y8.8180
G01 X15.1597Y8.8097
G01 X15.1680Y8.8023
G01 X15.1769Y8.7956
G01 X15.1865Y8.7899
G01 X15.1966Y8.7851
G01 X15.2071Y8.7814
G01 X15.2179Y8.7787
G01 X15.2289Y8.7770
G01 X15.2400Y8.7765
G01 X27.9400Y8.7765
G01 X27.9597Y8.7783

Silkscreen_Top.gcode (384.3 KB)

I think they ment the original graphic file…

Too bad that I do not know how the Snapmaker laser works with the gcodes, but when I create a gcode from a vector file, it looks quite different from yours.

(Just a small sample)
Zeichnung (374 Bytes)

There is a M3 command before the traveling vector shutting down the laser.

Do you use the latest Snapmakerjs 2.5.0 since there were small problems in the previous versions…
I can’t find a M5 before the end of the file.
So maybe your gcode generator is not set to work with the Snapmaker???

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Thank you I will check this. You are right I use Version 2.4.6