Laser power control overshoots to maximum when setting a laser power?

When I burn a vector line art image I have found that when the laser is turned off and moves and then is turned on again to say 60%, it seems to ramp up briefly like 0.5 a second or less to 100% power then settle down to the desired 60%. This is causing a slightly bigger pit in the ABS im engraving at the very start of each section of the engraving.

I think its the laser power over shooting then settling down. I edited the gcode to see replace turning the laser off with a turn down to 5% for non etching moves using notepad ++ search and replace. Thinking it might be caused by the fact the laser is powered off. But still does it.

Have others seen this behaviour… Not a deal breaker but on fine high quality laser vector etches its annoying

I think more accurately. At each point the laser turns back on. It dwells as it ramps UP to 60%.
So in other words it goes through 1% 2% 3%…59% then finally 60%

I encountered this while trying to engrave in true grey scale.

Secondly, your 5% approach wont work, as the SM firmware turns off the laser between each power adjustment

You can read Brent’s description of SM’s laser behavior here.