Laser not burning if fixed power is not set!

I have the Snapmaker 2.0 350 3-in-1 and I am having an issue with it. I have used it several times because I sell laser engravings to customers. Lately I will complete a laser engraving on a piece of wood and everything will be fine. Then I will laser another piece of wood–same settings and two things go wrong.

  1. the laser first does not automatically come on. I stop the project and start over to get the laser to come on.
  2. Next once the laser is successfully on, It does not burn the wood. when before, with the same settings on the previous project, the wood would burn just fine.

I then have to completely start over and set the laser power to a certain percentage rather than just letting the machine choose the power, which is what I always do to get the picture perfect.

I have tried:
-turning the machine off for 15 minutes
-restarting my computer and Luban
-Running it on 100% power for a moment then returning to my normal settings.

It just just never a consistent result. Sometimes it burns, then sometimes it doesnt and I dont understand why.

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Me too. It has a mind of its own. Very frustrating especially since I’m new to this, I have no idea if it’s me or the firmware, the WiFi, or the software

I guess you need fixed power to burn your model because of too low power of the 1.6W laser, from time to time, from surface to surface…
I never used the laser without fixed power so, only guessing :wink:
There was a similar issue with the snapmaker original not firing the laser without fixed power, long time ago.

One should be said @MrsHilly , i suggest to never use Luban to print directly with the machine (usb or wifi). Send your code to the machine and print it from the touchscreen, this is the way to be save and to be able to use all features like filament runout or power loss recovery.

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I appreciate you @xchrisd