Laser not coming on when setting origin after firmware update

I just tried to update to the latest firmware 1.15.19
When I try to line up a job and set work origin, the laser will not show. I reverted back to 1.14 and it worked again. Both 1.15 versions have the same error.
Hopefully devs are aware and fixing the issue.

Are you by any chance trying to print with an open door? Maybe you are experiencing the same or a related issue to what I’m currently noticing

In that case maybe you can try to tape magnets to the door detection module too - its the black box in the middle of the door frame where both doors meet when closed in my experience the magnets needed to be taped directly next to the box and in the right orientation
(just use the magnets in the door you want to keep open to find the orientation and position needed - if the magnets snap to the door magnets they are in the right polarity)

I actually don’t have an enclosure at all.