Laser Line Cutting Order

Is there any logic to the order in which the laser cuts vector lines? Even if I use “optimize” it jumps all over the place in bizarre ways. Is there some way I can make this more efficient? Thanks

Request received.

User are not able to customize the vector lines. The toolpath is generated based on the algorithm.

I will push this request to our software team and see if we can do something.


Thank you! If nothing else, could you at least make it so the INSIDE of something cuts before the outline? I have a lacy thing that I’m trying to cut in paper. If it cuts the outside first, the fan sometimes blows the piece out of position before it’s done cutting. If it cut the outline last, it would stay in place. Right now the best solution is to make separate files for the lines and arrange the cutting order.

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Thank you for your suggestion.

We did not consider this occasion before. I have forwarded your thoughts to our software team.

Updates will be posted in the forum.


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The trick here is to separate your cut order to separate layers and then export them as separate tool paths.

You can either export your cut order separately from your vector program (which is how I do it) or you can import a full file several times and delete the lines that should not be cut that pass.

This is the same method you would use to run one set of lines as a cut and another image as engraving - you’d have them as separate tool paths. In this case, though, your laser settings are all the same, you’re just sending different parts of the file in a set order.

Although I agree with you a quick editing button that cut lines “inside” other lines first would be very handy.

Just for the sake of discussion Lightburn has all of these features. Engraving and cutting in the same gcode file, and it cuts from the inside out. Very useful.

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Soo that was a lie? Or am I looking the wrong places :slight_smile:

It is more often than not, that the most outer line in a job is cut first, resulting in the rest of the “body” laying loose. This increase the risk of error. It would be a huge benefit, if it was possible to choose the cutting order of the lines or at least a “cut this line last” option.

It is of cause not a good idea to force the user to select a cutting order for all the cuts in a job, as some jobs may contain a lot of individual lines. But some control over the cutting order would reduce a lot of work around.

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I have the same situation. I have many parts to cut which were designed in Fusion 360, and many of them have inner contours to be cut before the outer contour. Is there already a solution for this available ?

Many thanks

I do all my design work in illustrator (SVG), and the laser cuts in the object order they were drawn or arranged (back to front).

thank you. I can not do that as I use Fusion 360 and I draw very often not in the order it has to be cut finally.


Having the same issue still with the latest version. Is there any bug fixes planned?

any updates?

Hello, :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
To optimize the laser cutting process:

  • Group similar vector lines.
  • Experiment with different path planning algorithms.
  • Arrange vectors to minimize travel distance.
  • Consider specialized cutting software.

I hope this will help you!