Luban and Laser, outside last option?

I’ve gotten the 10W Laser and have been doing quite a bit with it, very pleased overall. However…I did ‘find’ an issue of sorts, when performing cutting operations on fine detail work, sometimes Luban wants to cut the outside border first–this creates a problem because the material will often lift as it’s now no longer fixtured, then when it moves in to make detail cuts on the inside of the project laser focus can be off because the work piece has shifted.

Is there an option or method to get Luban to cut the outside border as the last operation?

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You could run them in separate operations. You dont need to have every image cut in every gcode. Just put them all where you want, and generate one or two toolpaths at a time. Run from Luban. Then rinse and repeat.


You can do them in the same operation.
You just have to use a graphics program to separate it into two files.
Then you just import the two graphics separately and create separate toolpaths. It will run the one that’s at the top first and then the next. You can do as many as you want.

The other way is to add some tabs or breaks in the outer cutting path. You then just use a xacto knife (or saw depending upon thickness) to separate from the excess.

Or use Lightburn.