Laser Image Weird Vertically in Lightburn

Not sure what to do when lasering vertically the image is not together, horizontally is fine. Here’s some images. Top one is done horizontally bottom is vertically messed up rope lights and barber pole. Using 40w laser GBRL using the latest version of lightburn

Your origin settings are a bit off and you’re hitting the limit of the Y-axis. (Assuming you mean how it’s laid on the bed, horizontal being left to right on the X-Axis, vertical being front to back on the Y-Axis).

Look at the bottom left of the barber pole in both. Notice how it’s sharp to a point and returns on the upper image. The lower image it stops flat and comes down, then the entire rest of the run is offset by that missing amount. This is because it hit the limit, but doesn’t realize it, so it doesn’t know where it is, and just continues in the opposite direction by that amount. You need to set your Y origin in by at least that deviation.


Will that effect the rest of the object making a Santa tray if not is that done in settings
Funny thing the first one I did was fine vertically the next one had to make a little smaller and then that happened

Anything after the limit being hit will be affected, since all moves will be shifted over by that amount.

Funny the preview never showed it
Thanks again for response

Lightburn preview has no idea the physical limits of the machine. :slight_smile:

You know Snapmaker limit switch is or where I can find it on the artisan then I can make sure this don’t happen thanks again

It’s part of finding your actual 0,0, you apparently need to move Y in some and make a mark or holder on the bed to match that position.