Laser engraving with font


Just wondering if someone can help and point me in the right direction

When laser engraving with different fonts, if I choose no fill it shows the outline of the letters but with lines in the middle where the letters join but if I choose to fill it inverts them and fills in around it

Just want to no how do I fill the letters without the part where the laser misses!

I hope you understand, I have uploaded some photos so someone can help


Have you found a solution?

There isn’t a way to do it in Luban directly. You’ll have to either use software that does font welding, such as Lightburn, or generate the text as a single SVG or PNG in other software like Inkscape and import it. If you use a high qualtiy PNG, select vector and it’ll trace it and it’ll work from there. A cheater way to make a PNG would be simply to make your text, zoom in, save a screenshot, crop as needed, and import the image, then vector trace. It’s a stupid work around, but it should work if you’re stuck only using Luban.

EDIT: Quick test using the method I outlined above yielded this gcode preview, regular text mode on top, screenshoted text, saved as image, reimported, and vector traced on bottom;