Blurry Text when laser engraving other than vector


I am pretty new to laser engraving and i am facing a problem right now which i don’t know how to solve.

I created a design in vectornator on my Ipad. I exportet it as an SVG and sent it to my computer (windows). So far so good. When i open the file in the browser (chrome) everything looks as designed.

So i started Luban and created a new Workspace with the measurments of my work piece and then i imported SVG.

In Processing mode “Vector” everything looks good and sharp, but the text is not filled which i want it to be.

When chosing “Greyscale” or “B&W” everything looks very blurry. I tried different options and also in the processsing tested with line and dot engraving but still the design is engraved very blurry.

I guess it snapmaker laser should be able to engrave sharp images / texts as it can cut very small parts. So my guess is that it is a problem with my settings in Luban.

Any suggestions how to improve on that?

Thanks in advance,

As i am only able to add one media here how the original looks like:

Nevermind, i think i found what i was looking for:

Vector Engraving with Line filling :ok_hand:t2: