SM2 leaser cutting

hi everyone im trying to make tests for the leaser cutting for the first time
i’ve done all the process of calibration and focusing
and now im trying to cut the 1.5 mm plywood provided with the machine
but something not going well by cutting as you can see the top of the image is cutting very well and very thin. but at the bottom of the image its burning the wood and fails to pass the layer cut to the other side

i use the suggest setting showing here:

Hey, from the first look it seems like you have an uneven bed.
The second point, did you run multiple passes with step height?
I am not sure how thick the provided plywood is, but i would suggest if it is 1mm thick, try a stepdown by 0,5mm and set the workspeed a bit faster.

Don´t forget, trail and error is the way to learn with different (also same kind) of wood/material.

I always run many test-examples to get the perfect results i want it to be.

the bed are even, i’ve checked it.
and i run muliple passes of 2 and pass depth of 0 (when i try to do 1 multi pass its always change back to 2).

the thick of plywood is 1.5 mm
the setting i adjust are:
jog speed 1500, work speed 75 , fixed power 100%

I would suggest you to change pass depth from 0 to 0,5mm or 0,75mm.
If you run it twice with the same focus, this makes no sense with such a soft wood, i guess.

ok i will try it, im really new at laser cutting and dont know all the setting and how to apply them
and btw what is the suggested laser focus and z offset?

I always level the laser manually, jogging Z-Axis to the spot where the laser point is the tiniest possible.
This could be done with low power laser setting.

Do some trail and error!
Happy doing :wink:

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could it be that the plywood is a little warped?

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Well probably a combination of pass depth as suggested by xchrisd and also that the Plywood was a bit bent, in the test I did now it seems to have a really really small bend and again it looks bigger scorching but after I managed to pin it even tighter then I got better results