Laser cutting 3mm plywood


I, like many, am having trouble cutting through 3mm plywood. I started using standard settings (from engraving and cutting topic here) which are 1500mm work speed, 140mm, 8 0,4 mm steps.

After that didn’t give good results I started varying laser height between 20 and 25 (from the calibrated 23.8), number of steps and depth, work speed, laser power, but none have the perfect result (see pictures) thusfar.

At best about 75-80% of the cut lines are through, but it seems to have trouble with the nerfs of the wood. Cutting alongside the nerfs goes perfect, but through the nerfs is the difficult part.

Does anyone have tips on what more to vary? Or maybe how to cut precisely through the bottom with the plywood flipped upside down?


This is the bottom view. From the top most tests are nicely straight through, but I can only upload 1 picture.


I had similar issue, that vertical lines were OK, while horizontal lines were not.

The first think I check was movement of the machine and bed.
During vertical lines bed is mowing back-front thus my plywood was slightly misalignment, and during next run lases did not match previous path.

On horizontal line only carriage is mowing and bad/plywood is not affected by vibration.

Try to better secure the plywood on the bed

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