Laser Cut Birthday Card

Took some time off from my cribbage board project to make a birthday card for my daughter.

This was real easy, I just googled for laser cut birthday card template and found a nice one for cheap.

The wood was one of the 2mm birch sheets that I got with the kickstarter. The only complication I had was that I used Lightburn to generate the g-code (I suppose Luban probably would have done just as well) and it by default it ran the laser way way too fast and I had to go back and slow it down to 150mm/sec and do four passes. Overall it took about 2 hours to cut.

I went to Michael’s and bought a sheet of sparkly paper, cut it to match and glued it to the back of the cutout. I then took the “backside” of the card that you can see in the top two pictures and I glued that to the back of the paper. Ta da and it was done.


That’s crazy. Someone on FB did the exact same thing. What are the chances?

Very cool!
Love how it turned out!


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Hello StumpleRunner,

which Steps down you use for the four passes ?

No step downs, it just took the laser 4 passes to cut through the birch sheet at that speed. If I’d reduced the speed further it probably would have gone through faster but the edge burning would have been much darker.

but won’t it make it look more cooler when the edge is a little more darker, adn can do it as a personalized birthday gift?