Aluminum business cards on the 10W laser

Has anyone tried to make metal business cards on the 10w laser? Care to share info? I’ll be trying soon and didn’t want to waste a bunch of cards fine-tuning the workflow.

Depends on if you get painted or anodized aluminum. That being said, I’ve had success with both. People always comment about my business cards being metal. :slight_smile:

Painted ones work well with 1500mm/min, 100% power, and 0.1 interval, anodized slow down to maybe 800mm/min.

Thanks! The test came out great at at a speed of 1500.

I was way off, apparently snapmaker finally released the “definitive guide” for the 10W.

But your result looks great.

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Hi all, just got the artisan.

I am looking to do business cards like what you show, and have ordered the thin metal (aluminum) ones that are painted black. The thickness is 0.22mm and i am manually input that into the job when i start it on Luban.

Can you share all your settings? i am not getting the results i expected, as it doesnt seem to fully get through the paint layer. Well, the current settings, as described above, deform the card and as a result some of the highpoints on teh card look good (wrt removal of paint coating). i guess that tells me my material thickness setting is not correct.


Maybe try speeding up a little so it doesn’t get as hot. Also keep in mind, at least in my experience, I have to wash them afterwards. When I engrave one, it looks like it didn’t get all the way through the paint, but then I run some water over it and rub it with my thumb and it becomes shiny. Instead of simply vaporizing it, the paint seems to just get turned to ash that needs to be wiped off.

i will try and let you know how it works out… be a few days.


I have to use a microfiber cloth to polish each card by hand to rub off the burned paint.

I’ve got the 1.6W laser. Do you think that I would be able to get these types of results with the lower power? Just running at a slower speed maybe?