Superhero coasters


My sister wanted me to make a set of coasters for her and my nephew. He likes super heroes so this is what I have. These aren’t fully finished yet. I still want to engrave a grayscale image of them together in the base and everything will need a coat of some sort of finish.

Coasters are made from 1/2 x 4 poplar and the base is 1 x 4 and pretty sure the wood is maple. Can’t remember because I bought the wood a long time ago. The posts are 3/4 x 3/4 oak outside corner molding. Still amazes me how well the SM laser does with fine details. Those silhouettes are only 14 mm wide


And these were made with the 200mW Laser ?


No the 1600. But these could easily be made with the 200. I made a few sets of coasters with the 200 before I got the 1600. You just have to go a little slower with the 200 to get a good burn