Laser 20w and original enclosure

Hi guys,
Need your support. I like my artisan 3D print so I bought a 20w laser to love it even more. But I was surprised when I tried to run my new laser. I need an original enclosure…:((
I’ve built my own safe and functional enclosure so can anyone send me a picture of original enclosure converter or a part number? As I saw, it is a part of a long beam. I will try to find this part to buy. Original enclosure is more expensive then 20W laser :frowning:
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Do you get a specific warning from Luban or over serial?

No, from central unit - case not close… and can’t even calibrate laser.
I don’t know how to simulate an enclosure converter. The are only 4 pins for this on the control system unit but without any schematic I will not take the risk. :slight_smile:


You should be able to set M1010 S0

I don’t know if is saved to EEPROM though.

Sorry, this info only applies to SM2.0 as found in this topic: How to disable door open for laser? - #2 by buckfast_beekeeper.

In your case you do not have a sensor to put a magnet on, so I think your only option is modifying the firmware and remove this if statement:

Perhaps someone has a better suggestion…

First Information on 20w Shop Page is a big warning:

To use the 20W/40W Laser Module on Snapmaker Artisan 3D Printer, you must acquire the Artisan Enclosure. The Enclosure is not available for online purchase. Kindly contact our customer service team at to make a purchase.

We had another case of that earlier here and as I remember correctly: for Artisan, there is no way to run the without enclosure.

But maybe Just kindly write to as they offer.

Good luck!

Can’t understand Snapmaker politics. The same laser is used in a Snapmaker Ray and can operate without enclosure. I hope I can find a place to buy an enclosure converter so I can use my diy enclosure with my laser. Still looking for picture or part number.
Thanks for your support

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Doesn’t the Artisan only come with the enclosure? I have the 2.0, so I don’t know for sure about the Artisan, but I thought it came with enclosure, Laser, CNC, and dual extruder?

You can purchase a 3D printing edition without enclosure.

There is a little hope I can get the enclosure converter for my local distributor but I need your support. Can anyone send me a picture of this element to my priv? It can be very helpful

Hi @MirekM

Have you reached out to They’re quite responsive and should be able to help you promptly.