Just put it together... Axis's don't know when to stop!

I just installed my Snapmaker, I’ve tripled checked EVERY wire, but when I turn it on and it calibrates for the first time, the Axis jsut goes alll the way to where its suppose to stop but it doesnt stop and diggs into the bed and the bed tried to go WAY to the back, and it just grinding…

I can’t get it to stop so I have to turn the machine off and back on, and same thing every time.

at one point I managed to get pass the calibration without having to do the calibration and it wanted to auto update so I did the update… NOW, none of my axis’ moves. Can’t calibrate or anything. Need help!

Usually this is an assembly issue.

Make sure you have the right linear modules in the right places. With the original linear modules they were all interchangeable. With the new ones the z modules (the towers) are different. They’re marked Lead 8mm. The x&y are marked Lead 20mm.

Modules should be centered on base plate, not hanging off the end.
Bed frame should be nuts down.
Share some pictures of your assembly. (may need to use a picture sharing site, since you’re a new user) And/or video of what it’s doing when homing.

Sometimes it’s a proximity sensor issue. When you hold spatula under the sensor an led on it should light up.


I think you nailed it. my towers are different. let me change it up and see!

Looks like that was the issue with the Grinding… now I can’t get pass the bed leveling… Gives me this error message. ughhh

When does it fall during leveling? At the very end? After you use the card to set height?

Check your cables again.

Check that proximity sensor is working.


It starts the bed leveling, and then midway through the bed leveling, that’s when it stops. It does maybe 50% of it and then errors out

Try checking the height of the proximity sensor. If you put the nozzle on the bed, the sensor should be the thickness of a credit card away from the bed.

More detailed instructions here, just do step 2.2: