J1s IDEX abonormal temp. bed control error

Our lab just bought a new J1s IDEX.
Everything was going well with PLA.
But when we tried to print ABS+ (eSUN),
It usually gets an error msg: abnormal temp. bed control.

our setting in Cura is as follows.
Bed temp: 100 degrees.
Nozzle temp: 255 degrees.

But lower the temp 90 degrees, the error will disappear.
I wondered what caused this problem since
the specification said it could set the highest temperature at 100 degrees.

Thank you~

My J1 does 100 degrees bed temp
However, I have had a similar issue in the past with the hot end, and the cause was a faulty thermistor

Wow. Finally, someone replied to my topic.
Thank you for your reply. @evilC

So, how did you solve this problem?
By replacing a new thermistor?

Snapmaker had me file down some of the grommets on the hot end PCB, to try and make the connection better, but it didn’t seem to solve anything.
In the end out of frustration, I stripped the entire hotend down, replaced the thermistor and it went away.
However it just started happening again yesterday :frowning:
So I am at a complete loss - there’s certainly nothing wrong with the new thermistor

I follow the wiki
The temperature control of the heated bed is abnormal (J1/J1s) | Snapmaker Wiki
and it seem to be good right now.