Right Extruder Temperature problem

Has anyone encountered this error before? I’ve been running the printer without a problem for 3 weeks (on and off) and all of a sudden start getting this error when doing a 2 colour print. The nozzle temperature is shown at around 270, when it should be 210.

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I had this problem when I had not pushed in the hotend fully before tightening it. That resulted in bad contact within the Hotend plug.

If that is not a problem, you could measure the temperature sensor values of the Hotend. It is a PT100 which is (counted from the left) on pin 5 and 6 of the plug. Replacements are available from e.g. E3D.


Appreciate your quick response and will investigate further. Apparently it seems to be a known error relating to a bad contact with the hotend.


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There’s a Wiki! Can’t believe it! Hope they add Snapmaker 2 to it at some point.

I had same trouble yesterday. Firstly, I pushed in the hotend fully. And then, the error wasn’t displayed. After that, templeture didn’t raise at all. What I can do for it? I contacted to the support, but they don’t have enoght resource. They don’t give me the solution, so I need to find out how to fix it.