J1s firmware update stuck at 60% light flashing

New J1s said it had a firmware update so i downloaded and hit update via screen. Update went to 60% and stopped and now light are flashing? WTF do i unplug it and try again or do i wait it out?

Took 3.5 hours and finally finished. Maybe the snapmaker team needs to inform people an update might take this long.

Hi there, mine did the same thing, but now after 10 hours its still at 60 and blinking. Not sure what to do here? Anybody with the same experience? Do i risk something if i restart it?


Not sure if you solved the issue but NEVER risk restarting anything when its doing a firmware update, be it a 3D Printer, Motherboard or any other electronic device, best case scenario you have some buggy code and some functions break, worst case scenario the bootloader corrupts and now you need to re-flash the chip.