Firmware Update stuck %80

Hello, I turned on my J1 today and it notified me there was a firmware update. I pressed the button, it started to do its thing. Its been about an hour now and its stuck at %80.
Has anyone else run into this?

Mine went smoothly, but if it’s not moving, you might try cancelling and doing it with a USB stick locally on the printer (rather than over the air). Not sure if it gives a ‘back out’ option though, so be careful - turning it off mid-update might brick it (and therefore might be worth checking with support).

Note: support is basically MIA over Chinese New Year, but Jade is still fairly active on the Facebook J1 owners’ page, explicitly to plug gaps for the community. If you join and @ her that’s the best way to get a response atm.

It sat at %80 for about 3 hours, then just finished lol

What about those among us that do NOT use Facebook?
I mean, there is a freaking official forum accessible for everybody. Why in the world there has to be a support group that cannot be accessed by everybody?

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A reasonable question Drago. I do not know - but my guess would be that the downtime of Chinese New Year intersecting with the arrival of many people’s J1s was not something that Snapmaker anticipated or planned for. Jade’s activity on the Facebook page is likely more a reflection of the best efforts of a sympathetic employee than an official solution decided in advance. I would imagine Facebook is easier to monitor, and it’s clear from her posts that she is spending time with family.

My view is that Jade is a great representative of the company, but that the company should seek to do better itself in future. It’s unfortunate timing - akin, I believe, to the tacit assumption in Western countries that support may be minimal between Christmas and New Year.

Well, I’m not talking about holiday times, but generally.
I keep reading on this forum comments referring to the Facebook group for issues that are relevant (and important) for everybody.

Each time I point out that some of us do not use Facebook, I get ignored.
And I started pointing this out since BEFORE the beginning of the Kickstarter campaign.

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I think that’s pretty worth of criticism. I must admit it’s not ideal being so back and forth between here and there - and I have no love for Facebook as a platform.

Agreed. Facebook is evil, I refuse to use it.

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