J1 USB Connection

I noticed there is a USB type connection port on the backside of the J1. I initially assumed this was to connect to a desktop or laptop for pushing files to the printer but neither Luban or Cura seem to be able to connect directly to the printer via this port.

Does anyone know what purpose this port serves?

This port is designed to connect J1 with Luban by an USB cable. You could try these steps:

  1. If you’ve never installed the CH340 Driver on your computer before, download the driver from our Support Center and install it.
  2. Connect Luban with the machine.
    a. Connect the machine with your computer via the provided USB cable.
    b. Lauch Luban, click Workspace, and select Serial Port in the Connection panel.
    c. Click the Refresh button and select the port of your machine in the drop-down list.
    d. Click Connect.

Note: If you can’t find the port, replug the USB cable and try again.

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I downloaded and installed the suggested driver. Now COM3 will appear in the serial drop down list however it does not connect.

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Could you re-do the process and make a screen video and upload? We’ll try to figure it out.

mine did the same thing, i ended up using pronterface to send commands. weird

Same here. Prompt says that the model (J1) isn’t recognised and I should choose another snapmaker model to interface.

Is it possible to use similar functionality in PrusaSlicer?