J1 problems multi colour print

Hello everyone i´ve got problems with multicolour prints, when i print something like a logo i have massive overextrusions between letters with small distances.

in my opinion it looks like overextruding but both filaments are calibratet.
i´ve tried to reduce the speed to 35mm/s but this dosn´t change anything
same for reducing acceleration and temperature

i used pla+ by esun

some advices would be very nice

Whats your print settings? - How much infill? - I think of 100% infill could cause bad outlines.

Did you calibrate your linear advance alias k factor?

in this specific model i use 10% infill

im sorry i´m not that deep into, I calibratet the extrusion with printing one layer thick cube an messuering and messured a qube an had a tolerance of 0,05.
this is every calibration i did.

sry for my bad english `

wich settings are important for you i just can upload one image at once

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Here it is, dont know if any J1 User did this or if it is necessary for vibration compensated printer…
Maybe @Mechanikus has some input, did you adjust your k faktor?

Thanks for your Help, i think i will try that later ,maybe its an improvement for other prints as Well.

I think i found my failure by my self, for any reason i disabled: Print Outer wall before inner Wall. After i activated IT again, nor more blobs or anything Just a straight Line

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@xchrisd Not yet - my J1 worked “good enough for as long as I have to live with Marlin” with the default k factor of 0,02 that Snapmaker defined… and now I am in the middle of finally replacing the Snapmaker controller and display with a Duet 3 6HC. I have it on my list though when the J1 runs again.

Knowing that the nifty calibration routines can be rebuilt in RepRapFirmware with its conditional Gcode together with

  • “No more obscure and probably risky Android version with a closed-source app in the display that looks really nice but leaves a lot to desire in terms of usability”,
  • a decent webinterface,
  • better security (Snapmaker does not really seem to see a need for fuses and such on the controller… I don’t want to know what happens if a heater cartridge in the J1 gets a fault and puts a full 24V onto the nozzle while you try to calibrate for example)
  • direct communication with all the open slicers without a need for custom tools
  • and especially free configurability without having to fuss around with firmware sources and compile/reflash

were enough to begin this adventure :grin:

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I did tune my k-factor and there was a noticable improvement of the print quality. But that was before updating the firmware and just like @Mechanikus I haven’t really felt the need to do it again, but i’m sure I will at some point.
In theory, linear advance is almost like a “miracle setting” that minimizes the need to tune a bunch of other settings or makes it unnecary to have them enabled…
Printing outer walls before inner walls is a great example of this. With a perfectly tuned k-factor, it shouldnt matter what walls are printed first. At least not in terms of blobbing and exec material in corners, but in practice it might often be another story…