J1 Plate Adhesion

New J1 post calibration, trying to run Embedded Benchy test twice now and both times the boat breaks free as soon at the print head gets to the top of the cabin/roof area forcing me to have to abort the run. I had cleaned bed with IPA beforehand. Any suggestions?

I have seen on some printers people use blue painters tape or similar removable films but I think that is more about removal than adhesion so I would not expect this to be needed here?


Which material are you printing with? The white PLA has had various adhesion and flow rate issues for me (it has to do with the pigment in the filament, or so I’m led to believe) while the orange PLA worked great for initial prints.

Thanks for the feedback! It was indeed the white filament that came with the printer.

I usually start with what they send with the printer figuring that is the starting baseline that the system should work with before throwing new variables in the mix. Filament was indeed my next thing I was planning to try (I do prefer Hatchbox for PLA :wink:

Ultimately, on both my fourth and fifth runs, it printed both white and orange Benchy models completely without intervention.

All good! Now for the really fun stuff….making cool stuff!

I am also having adhesion issues. The boats stick fine but when i try ane design i downloaded and sliced in Cura it does not stick. if I go back to boat design it does stick.

i tried with the Cura adhesion layer option selected. I also wiped down and used a glue stick as suggested in instructions. It does say use the glue stick that comes with the J1 but I did not get a glues stick so I tried the Elmer’s glue glue stick.

What should I do now?

Is this with the provided filament or have you switched to a good quality filament?

I would try a different filament if you are still using the Snapmaker provided filament as a next step. The better quality brands definitely adhere better than the discount brands in my experience.

Yeah, I’m having issues with the included white filament as well. The orange filament is working great.

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Are you printing on the coated side of the glass plate? I’ve had zero issues so far with the coated side printing with PLA and a bed temp near 60°C.

yes I am using black side up with the images on it.

I worry that i do not have the parameters set correctly in Cura. I do not know what the setting were for the practice boat so I don’t know what paramaters I should change in Cura. also do I just send by wifi or export as a: “snapmaker J1 g-code” file, or a gcode

there are also profile options, should all of them work? are there preferred optionsto use with the J1? I noticed that in print setting it says 60C for base plate, but when i go to print the base plate in J1 is not turned on. Should it be at 60C?

Just copied the plug-in from GitHub over, pasted it in its own directory on Cura (v5.1.1), added the Snapmaker J1 as a new printer, and sliced the file to a thumb drive as a gcode file and it worked fine. Sample size of one but the Cura J1 plugin appeared to be a success. Used the provided white filament on the included bed at 65C (running at 210c)

Circling back on the White PLA, after talking with a bunch of folks, it sounds like generally the pigment used in white PLA is an order of magnitude larger than the pigments found in other colors, so it’s a little grittier and doesn’t always flow as well. Or as a colleague of mine put it, ‘white PLA is just… weird’.

I’m lucky enough that when I set things up initially, I had the provided orange on extruder 1. Now… well, running through all sorts of PLA and “Tough” PLA now, various vendors and colors. I’ve had other white PLA react the same way the presumably rebadged Polymaker white PLA did that came with the printer. Unfortunate, but I’ll run a temp tower and play with flow rates and stuff until I get it dialed in… once I’m done printing through my backlog of other things, of course.

I have not recieved my J1 yet however, the 2 IDEX printers I am replacing with it work printing on glass that I clean with windex before each print. The same works on my 3 Snapmaker 2s. non glass. I tried the painters tape and it worked however, I not found any benifit using it. Glass seems to work fine if clean (and level). I also print using only HatchBox and eSun PLA and PLA+ filiments , I have had problems with other filiments. I run about 1000 prints a year using this method.