J1 Kickstarter Rewards Delivery Info

Hi J1 backers,

Congratulations! Your J1 printers have been shipped out from Oct. 27 to Nov. 2. 2022. Learn more in our last update here: Jadelabo J1 - Beautiful, Powerful, and Smart IDEX 3D Printer by Jadelabo » All J1 Printers Will Be Shipped Out by The End of Next Week — Kickstarter

Please note that for most areas, the shipping method is sea freight. We parner with several logistics agencies. The time frames that they provide us with tracking number are different. For most backers, they should have received tracking number emails in early Nov. 2022 while the tracking status will be updated in late Nov. or Dec. 2022, at a time that their J1 arrives at destination ports. There’s no tracking update when J1 is on a boat. For another 31 EU backers, they will receive tracking number emails when J1 arrives at destination ports. And once they receive the tracking number, they should see tracking updates quickly.


Hello, Jade.
Excuseme for asking. Will it possible to have my tracking number.
Oscar Gomez

I have my tracking no but I have no idea who the delivery company is :frowning: frustrating. I’m backer 317.

Try and copy the tracking info to Google. It’s pretty good at suggesting the correct delivery company.

No. Frustrating as. Why supply a tracking no without company name.

In the US. I got an email on Nov. 4th with a tracking number. It is from Fed Ex. Fed Ex still shows on Nov 29th that only a label has been created and they have not even received the package to begin shipping. This entire process of how long it has taken to get this printer and now the obtuse, insanely long shipping time has been extremely frustrating and will make it extremely unlikely to recommend this company to anyone. It has been 18 months and I’m still uncertain if this thing will ever arrive.