Has anyone received a printer that ordered it after june 2019

I am tired of waiting. It’s been 16 months. What the hell is going on. Please let me know if anyone has the printer. I cant find a valid address or CEO name for Snapmaker. Did I get ripped off

Michael Sousa

Support@snapmaker.com is where you can begin. @Rainie and @hyeii are people who may be able to move this on for you.

Below is my latest request for Snapmaker to ship me my printer. I have sent over thirty emails asking for some help. They do answer my emails but no printer. I just get the run around. There is no information on any employee, manager, president, CEO along with no address to even send a letter or a phone number for that matter. Seems a little shady to me.

I ordered my printer 16 months ago. My Order number is SM201943378.

Please send me something. This is not right. I will never purchase something like this again. What can possibly take so long. Please send me the name of the CEO and the company address. I would like to send him an actual letter explaining my disappointment in Snapmaker company.

Very disappointed

Michael A. Sousa


i understand your frustration, where you a kickstarter backer or did you preorder? i ask because as far as i’m aware not all the kickstarter rewards have been delivered. Snapmaker is a real (yet small) company. their head of oversea sales is Zhijie Liang, however i do not have his contact information. they do have a general service phone number:
Tel: +86(0)755 26926117 Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:30-18:30 (GMT+8:00)

they are quite slow on delivery, but if your patient you will receive your unit.
if i can help in any other way let me know,


You pre-ordered the machine off their website I assume as the KS campaign ended before June 2019. People have been receiving the machines (such as myself, I have had mine since Feb as a KS earlybird backer) but all KS backers will have their machines sent before the pre-orders are fullfilled. IIRC, currently Snapmaker are shipping out the penultimate batch of KS backer machines.

AFAIK, the estimated delivery for pre-order machines is September/October.


Thank you Atom and Harris for the help. @Msousa sorry about the late response. And yes we will start shipping pre-orders in September and October. Please just wait patiently and you will get your order soon. Please let us know if you have further questions!

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