It just keeps geting better

Hi All

This is the first 200mw laser job onto plywood. The subject is a friend in NY, sadly I am in Australia and I created a montage photo with angel wings behind her (the wings are actually layered onto a series of wooden planks and that is the pattern you see).

Below are the source photo and the poorly photographed lasered product. The little black spots you see on the lasered image are actually blemishes on the source photo, so I will airbrush those out and I will lighten the image and have another shot when I get the 1.6w laser

This is so much fun. I still have heaps to learn.

Enjoy your weekend.


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That’s a great result @Doug! I haven’t unboxed the laser or CNC module yet as I am having too much fun with the 3D printing. Soon…


My photography does not do justice compared to the original image, however the lasered image is better looking in real life.

Previously I burned many images on to white card of MDF coasters. The plywood is different and I also have some oak panels to try. I will wait for the 1.6w laser for some of the projects I want to burn.