Laser Engravings on wood pieces

So far just some images I found online laser engraved on wood and cork.



Hi @nwestwind

Doug the newbie here, well done, it is great fun. At some stage I am going to have a go on acrylic.

Keep having fun



Hey @doug I just happen to have a bunch of frosted acrylic from some LED projects I’ve been working on I look forward to trying it too, but I’ll likely need to wait till I can find a better way to vent the fumes. I’ve already tried leather and it makes my apartment stink of burning hair. The laser on wood is great, smells like I have a fireplace at home :smiley:

I wish the laser was stronger, I really want to engrave metal! If someone finds a hack/mod for that please share :smiley:

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I forgot to mention that you should have a look at this video of a guy using a Snapmaker to laser acrylic.



I cannot seen to engrave wood. I can get it to work on cardboard, but not on wood. What settings did you tweek to get it to properly burn wood?

Make sure to properly set the laser’s focus, then at 70% and higher it will definitely have the power!

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I am lasering this photo image as I type onto 2mm plywood… several hours still to complete

and from the Snapmaker


Questions: where do you get your wood?

Would this work?


These will work; I have used similar squares. If you look around you will find 80mm and 100mm squares, round coasters , square coasters with round corners… there are many sources of wood available.

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hello everyone, could anyone use the laser at 125x125 mm or i’m the only one who needs to reduce the images?

Theoretically you could, but you will need to find an alternate way to secure the material you are etching.

you have to upload the image into the cutting software. The machine will then translate it into numeric data. The software would capture that data and use it to program the laser machine’s controller apparatus to produce the provided image.

Trumpf laser parts

Some engravings with the 200 mW Laser on Plywood (120x120 mm).
The Computer Interpolation is making the picutres not as smooth as in original.

B/W: Power 100%, Work Speed 500 mm/min, Density: 8 lines/mm
Gray: Power 100%, Dot-Mode (HQ) with Dwell Time 30 ms


Looks good, well done!

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Did you have to play with the pictures before you imported them? Did you have to change the contract and brightness settings?

I got the pictures from a frind already in grayscale.
Only the family picture has been set with reduced contrast and higher brightnes.

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Very nice products!!


Any chance you know what contrast level you used?

Contrast: (40-)50(-60)% for the grayscale pictures - just to fine tune.


I would like to see the final pic

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