My first "real" project: Star Wars coasters with resin inlay


Great job! Those are very cool!

Do you have a good write up on this? Love it

No I didn’t document anything really. I learned mostly by watching youtube videos about similar projects.

I’m happy to answer questions about the details if its helpful for anyone.

Hi, this is very cool. Can you say something more about the process? Did you etch it with CNC and poured resin?

Yes. I modeled them in Fusion 360. I used a 60 degree v bit for the edges and then cleared the center areas with a 1.5mm end mill.

After engraving with the CNC I sealed them with a spray-on clear poly so the resin wouldn’t soak into the wood.

I poured in resin, using lots of extra. This ensures that it doesn’t shrink down below the surface, and means that any air bubbles on the top don’t matter.

I finished with the CNC cutting off the excess resin and the top layer of wood, about 0.1mm. This left clean flat surface that can be finished as desired.

I tried using a spray on poly finish, Shellac, a thin layer of clear resin and Danish Oil. I liked Danish Oil the most. The thin layer of resin looks really nice because you can see down into the resin filling the etching in a way that you can’t with the other finishes. The resin finish feels a bit slippery though, which isn’t great for a coaster. And mine scratched some but that might be just the brand of resin, or maybe it hadn’t fully hardened.

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Incredible work and nice colors for the resin!

Thank you for sharing your process.

These are great! What kind of wood did you use and where did you get it? Thanks for sharing your work!