Issues with Snapmakerjs gcode print quality?

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We 3D printed several lithophane night lights using Snapmaker 1.0 and noticed they had several abnormalities in the printed model (watch YouTube video and see attached pics). After thinking about it and suspecting the gcode file may be the culprit, we purchased and downloaded Simplify3D (I am not an affiliate or employed by the company) and redid the gcode files. After printing several night lights with Simplify3D gcode files, it was apparent the issues are with the Snapmakerjs gcode files.

I made a YouTube video showing the issues. I love the Snapmaker printer, but the quality with the night lights was an issue and just wanted others to know how they may be able to fix the problems with other models. Also, I thought it might help improve the software because Simplify3D is $149, which isn’t cheap and would rather be using Snapmakerjs.

YouTube video and gcode file comparison

Snapmakerjs lithophane nigh light print examples

I’ve printed quite a few things, and I’ve only seen something like that once.

If you generate the GCode in SnapmakerJS, and use the layer slider, does it look correct? It shouldn’t have those imperfections, and it should show you where it’s printing. If that looks good, then it’s not the GCode messing up.

Are you printing with a USB cable or the USB drive? Some people have reported that printing via the USB cable can cause issues for the laser engraver, but I haven’t heard anybody complain about 3D print head. I suppose it’s possible if your computer is very laggy.

Are you using the default filament holder location? The one time I did have a problem was the filament binding, which caused the filament to not feed smoothly. Your last print especially kind of looks like a feed issue. There are several alternate filament feeders. I personally like the YASTH, but there are a lot of other option on Thingiverse (search “snapmaker filament”). I babysat that print to make sure it didn’t bind, and I haven’t had a print quality issue since. It doesn’t seem like using Simplify3D should affect this though, so I’m not really sure.

Hi Clewis,

I haven’t tried the slider; I’ll look into it, thanks!

Using a USB drive

Yes, I am using the default location. As you mentioned, I’ve now printed several with Simplify3D, same filament holder, and no other tweaks, and they’re fine.

I’ve printed 8 night lights with Snapmakerjs gcode, and every one of them had the issues. The 5 I’ve printed since using Simplify3D have been fine. I’m open to any suggestions on how to get Snapmakerjs working as well.

Thank you for your time and feedback.