Issues printing with PVA

Has anyone successfully printed with PVA on their J1? If so, mind sharing your settings. I’ve tried and failed with both Luban and Cura. The attempts all inevitably failed due to an extruder error (the extruder gears click as if the temperature is too low). Which is strange because the filament loads just fine. I’ve tried adjusting the temperature but nothing seems to work. Also, the issue seems to be getting worse with every attempt. I got half way through my first attempt but my latest fail at 1-2%. Desperate for some advice. There is either a) something wrong with my extruder b) this Snapmaker PVA is pure trash c) both.

I processed the PVA from Sun at 220°C and the PVA from RED at 240°C. Both worked well. I printed at a speed of 80 mm/s.