Is there a speaker anywhere on the 2.0?

Some printers have a speaker on them just for random beeps for button confirmation, finished print, etc…

I’m just curious if maybe the controller has a speaker on it somewhere that isn’t being utilized.



The controller does not. The touchscreen might, but it’s obviously not being utilized at the moment.

There definitely aren’t any openings for a speaker. The case is solid, so if there was it would be muffled.


why do you need a speaker, just use the steppers :wink:
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Bad @scyto … Bad Boy!

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It’s funny that you say that, I had just thought of that last night, lol.

Why bad?

Just joking about his use of the stepper motors as speakers. :slight_smile:

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Because of course everyone should use floppotron instead :wink: (15) Paweł Zadrożniak - YouTube

Seriously though, one shouldn’t push stepper motors past their envelope just to play sounds :slight_smile: unless it is junk already. I note the sound marlin command is disabled in firmware so unless someone finds a mystery speaker hidden somewhere you are SOL unless someone figures out how to do opensource community hardware modules for the CAN bus :slight_smile: … … …


It’s coming. There’s actually going to be a separate CAN hub module to connect your own custom made modules.

yup that was my assumption after what a few had implied (seems some of you have an inside track with snapmaker - which is cool, can you get them to fix some stuff too :slight_smile: )

@sdj544 its actually been public information for quite some time. Hidden in the middle of blog posts etc.

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Close, but you’ll need to wait for the official announcement. :wink:

@WilliamBosacker its already public information if you bothered reading the blogs completely. Besides, the hub is ready for preorder along with the purifier.

@Artezio which Blog post are you referring to? None of the posts that I have read discuss the kit that I am referring to.

this seems to be a hub with the custom(?) CAN connectors that just allows multiple official accessories to be connected (cause there are less ports than accessories now?) this seems mostly neutral wrt whether community expansion is possible. Without them selling can bus cables / receptacles not sure how anyone is building something to plug into this?

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@scyto it could be a different hub, I think the other one is star shaped.

@WilliamBosacker “ The module firmware became open source in October 2020. The potential of controller and module firmware both being open source is unfathomable. We are also developing Snap-star, a standalone piece of hardware that is essentially a “translator” for the machine. Users can DIY addons themselves by connecting to the ports on Snap-star. It’s possible that you can control your Snapmaker 2.0 with a gamepad one day.”

@Artezio that is referring to something else. As I said, you’ll need to wait for the announcement. :wink:

For those interested, the full blog post with the above quote is at:

Snapmaker’s 2020 Recap And Plans For 2021

@WilliamBosacker i never said I was talking about the same thing as you. @scyto (somehow that got mistagged to the wrong person, oops) mentioned custom modules, that’s what I was referring to. It says DIY modules right in that blog post so that’s what I was talking about. Somewhere along the line it was assumed I was talking about the same thing as you and I wasn’t.

We are so fortunate to have a quasi-staff member with inside info dropping these teasers for us.