Snapmaker 2.0 stepper motor drivers, noise and upgrade

Dear community,

I recently preordered Snapmaker 2.0 and then started to wonder what stepper motor drivers are used in the device since it affects how noisy it will be during exploitation. Does anyone know the name/code of the drivers used?

Second, how looks the controller PCB? Does it allow to change stepper motor controllers to quieter ones? For example to TMC2208? Or are are driveres soldered to controller board and not exchangeable?

Third, if axis controll is based on Marlin, is there a possibility to modify it to set-up system after stepper motor drivers change?

I believe the SM2 has the driver chip located in the linear module. Don’t know what chip it is. I tried talking them into the TMC chip but I suspect they were too far along in the development cycle to change. I believe they did consider it.
Someone on Facebook did swap out the chip with some success but I don’t think it was a real clean hack. I’ll see if I can find the link. The source code is going to be released as soon as the Kickstarter campaign is done delivering.

Here is the link from Facebook:

The answer is: A Toshiba TB67S109AFTG, Vmotor boosted from 24V to 42V.


Ok, I got it. Thank you for the answer.

Probably for CNC they required more powerful motor and decided to go for 42V option. TMC22xx allow driving voltage output to be up to 36V. This is why they, perhaps, decided for TB67S109AFTG. Result of compromise.

Will wait for SM2.0 and see whether noise will bother me or not. If it will, I will try to build isolated compartment and if it won’t help, then a custom PCB it is. Maybe at that time there will be ready solutions available.

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Changing the stepper motor driver is something I always want to do, waiting for your good news!!

My personal opinion: Snapmaker is not a quiet printer when it comes to steppers, but it is not particularly noisy either. Compared to my older printer it is much more silent on steppers, but compared to other modern 3D printers its loud. I emphasize the steppers - the by far most noisy bit of Snapmaker is the power supply. Snapmaker engineers decided on a rediculously loud (cheap?) fan there, and several users have replaced it already, and most likey I’ll do also at some point.
As far as I understand they indeed needed the extra power of the steppers/drivers for CNC milling, and if so, I don’t mind the extra noise - I personally find milling the workload the device shows most potential, and that’s fine if it is loud then. Milling will never be a silent affair anyhow :slight_smile:
But I can’t say this often enough: The PSU fan choice was very stupid.