Using Snapmaker 2 with a Sonic Pad

I have a Creality Sonic Pad that I use with my Ender 5 plus, it purports to be useable with almost any 3D printer, anyone tried it with the Snapmaker 2? I can control upto 4 printers with the Sonic Pad and it would be nice to add the Snapmaker too.

What keeps you from trying?

A cursory glance on the specs and what it does, it seems that although it runs Klipper, it can interact with Marlin-based printers like the SM2.

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Possibly because on the Ender it rewrote the firmware and now won’t work without the Sonic Pad, hoping it wouldn’t do that to the SM2. Might try it when the Ender 3 V3 SE turns up.

Having klipper would be nice. not sure about CNC/laser part.
Did they port cncjs or use something else?

hey so were u able to find out if the pad works with SM? i cant really find anything online

It does not, someone have to dig through firmware and port the can bus calls, at the very least.