Is it possible to extend the Y-axis?

I would like to laser engrave longer objects, longer than 125 mm. Is it possible to use the Z-axis extension as Y-axis extension?
Maybe swapping the cables of Z- and Y-axis and generating the g-code with other software?

@Dre64 Unfortunately you have to figure it out by yourself,- i haven´t my original anymore.

So what i read here, it should be possible to enable custom machine size by M1025 M1 via console:

Yes you can. I’ve turned my original into a 220 mm build surface with the z extension rails. You do have to change the settings on the software side though.

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Looks great, with 4 Z-axis extension modules. In Luban the machine settings can be modified for all axis as I see in above screenshot. The M1025 M1 command enables all three axis to extend to 220 mm? Or do you need to modify the firmware?

At the moment i just select the snapmaker 250mm from the start up option because for some reason it doesn’t let me select the custom settings once the machine is connected. I’ve been thinking of adding a limit switch in parallel with the one that it comes with so I can add it to the other end of the axis so I won’t have any problems with the gantry crashing into the opposite end since it thinks it’s 250mm.