Extendind work area

I’ve recently got my hands on a 3 in 1 Snapmaker (was a buy as “second hand” device, but completely new - unopened)!

My question is related to the working area: is it possible to extend it - at least to a 400mm x 400mm (ideal would be a 600x600)? I’ve seen a video showing this extension, but was for Snapmaker 2 - this could also be a solution.

Thanks in advance,

Sorry that we don’t have such a plan to develop this. Because there are so many parts needs to be upgraded and it may cost a lot. We do think the most ecomical ways to have a larger working space is to purchase Snapmaker 2.0. We have upgraded almost all those founctions of Snapmaker Original. So, if you want to enlarge your working area of Snapmaker Original, you can purchase a Z-axis Extension from our online store.

Hey, thanks for your reply.
The Z axis is for 3d printing suitable, not for Laser engraving. What I need is the Y and X axis. The Snapmaker 2 (A350) could be an option, but still the area is only 320 x 330 (could be a solution for an A4 print).