Instalment option for pre ordering the new Snapmaker 2.0?

Hi, I would REALLY love to acquire a Snapmaker 2.0, but the price point for any of them is really high for me to spend in one go. Even it there would be a 2 or 3 month instalment plan would be amazing.

Would it be possible that you guys can make deals with banks around the globe to support such idea? For instance, here in Finland a lot of online shops use Klarna for such plans. Works really well and the business actually receives the full amount always.

Ideas on this subject?

Sorry for the late reply.
We will allow an installment option when the product is in stock.
However, the price will be the retailed price then, which is more expensive than that of the product now.:grinning::grinning:

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Good to know! About being more expensive in retail, well, that’s life - I can’t really afford to spend the money of a new SM2 all at once at this moment unfortunately. I bet some (if not a lot) people are in the same predicament.