Initial warmup extrusion to SIDE of heat bed

All updates done. 3d printing with Luban. After calibrating, try to print demo of spiral pencil holder cup Print head goes to 0,0 corner. Heats up and extrudes next to the heat plate. Not on it. Then races off to the center to start printing Is this normal? Do you have a video showing entire process of printing demos from start to finish so I can compare? Not sure if that’s affecting it so it’s not extruding properly to stick to the bed.

This is the normal nozzle priming procedure to build up pressure.

Extrusion to side of bed doesn’t seem to be normal.
When I first ran my machine on factory firmware this didn’t happen and everything was ok.
Then I updated the firmware to 2.1… when extrusion to side of bed started to happen and the x offset was way off scratching the print bed every time.
Next day a new update came out 2.2.1 the extrusion is now back to normal, a line in front right side of the machine (similar to prusa printers) but the x offset is still of, so I manually added 0.4 and 0.5 mm to each of the nozzles.

Thanks for your feedback. I’ll check and see if I can do that. Yeah, off the bed just seemed odd. Building up pressure mentioned earlier also makes sense. Just dumping it off the bed seemed to be more of a mess.

Ok, it looks more like it’s the way the pencil holder was made. I tried a Couple random downloads and some drew the line along the front on top of the bed, a couple other just did the same dump off the side before starting the print.

Unless you’re downloading g-code, the file should not impact the position of the primer line at the beginning of the print. If you are downloading g-code, that’s not generally a good idea.