Information about places to buy files

Hello. I need someone to please help me by informing me of internet sites where I can buy model files to work with laser cutting. For example: The Eiffel Tower, boxes, maps, etc. and also model files for cnc carving to work with the rotary module.

For laser-cut stuff, if you’re looking for something more complicated than silhouettes:

Start by searching Thingiverse for “laser cut”. You’ll find a lot of things to make, all for free. (You’ll also find a lot of laser cutter mods, but the other stuff is there.)

You can also check Cults, although I find them more difficult to search. Be aware that some of their models do cost $$.

Thank you so much. You are very kind.

Etsy has a lot of good stuff.

If you search for cnc, laser, or 3d models it has some pretty good lists of sites for the various functions.


Thank you so much.


How about MyMiniFactory site.

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This is my list of thingiverse-like sites where you can find and download models for 3d printing and CNC - Pinshape, Sketchfab, Turbosquid, 3DExport, Artec3D, 3D Warehouse, 3dsky.
There are some more resources, but I have to check the browser bookmarks on my laptop at the office later.

Thank you very much Mr. Garrison. It is incredible that after so much time you still have my request in your mind. I have used a lot the information that you gave me a few months ago and now I am going to be better. Thanks again for your collaboration.

Best wishes

Luis Palacio