Improvment of Print Head and linear modules?

Hi Snapmaker Team,

in puplic Roadmap, we can see “Linear module improvement” and “Print head optimization” are in progress.

so can you give us some more informations about that since this is really interessting?
What are the improvments and optimisations?

Thank you!


I am also interested in this case.
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They don’t seem to be responding to too many questions in here or on the FB group. :-/

I like that they put the little roadmap thing up, but it’s severely lacking in any kind of details.

agreed, i’m sure they are very busy helping other members but i don’t see much point in a road-map that gives no details, its almost more like a to-do list :slight_smile:

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Would love to see a 3D print head with a “flip out of the way” autolevel sensor, and shallower fan duct, so the nozzle itself protrudes a good 1cm or more past anything else. Use it to try true 3D printing (nonplanar layers, simultaneous XYZ head travel during extrusion).

It’s been done, look into 5 axis 3d printing.

I know, I don’t want 5 axis. Simply by letting the nozzle the be the ‘low point’ you can at least do a conformal top layer or two. I linked a video about it not too long ago.

You could buy a longer M6 threaded nozzle and that will give you more clearance (think E3D volcano).

There is a limitation in the hardware due to the calibration sequence (even when manually calibrating) where if the nozzle protrudes too much it will collide with the build plate, but I have seen people use a sheet of plastic or metal to shim the bottom of the dual Z linear modules to raise them up a bit from the baseplate. This should allow you to have a longer nozzle that protrudes further and not cause any collisions

There are Mk8 nozzles available that have an airbrush nozzle screwed into them. If you’re not familiar with and airbrush nozzle, they are very pointy and would give plenty of clearance. As mentioned be very careful with calibration due to bed crashes with the longer nozzle.