What about the longer Z-Axis



I wanted to inquire about one of the promises made at the time of pledging:

Will there be any upgrade available with longer linear modules to increase print volume?

Yes. We will provide longer linear modules so that you can replace the linear module in z-axis to increase the print volume. This upgrade* option will be available in the near future.

We expect that anyone with an interest in 3D printing can get a Snapmaker 3D Printer easily. Moreover, personal 3D printer expansion is made easy with interchangeable heads, linear modules with different sizes, and more.

This is one of the things I’ve been counting on, and it has been over a year since the first batch shipped. By far the biggest limitation of the Snampaker is its print volume… which I’m quickly out-growing. Also, since I’m having problems with my Z-Axis making a rapid nose-dive upon completion of a print, this could solve two major issues for me.

When can we expect to see those sold at the store, and, what is the plan for modding/replacing the enclosure to account for the height difference?

Thank you.


Does Snapmaker even exist anymore? Or don’t you leave it to the night watchman to sell the remaining stock ?
The technician who is not familiar with business management is not a disgrace and you can easily overestimate a starting capital.
But the damage also (or only?) has the customer.


Hi Epoe,

Not sure what you are getting at there… perhaps a translation issue. But, seeing as how they claim to be ramping up for the next printer, I think they are there… somewhere… They just don’t seem to be paying much attention to the forums. Communication has ever been their downfall.

I just figured after a year, they would have this upgrade available… it sure seems like it should be a relatively simple fix… a longer rail (which they should have designed by now…) and a firmware update (which they are now very practiced at). They did promise this, and they did say “in the near future”. While that does leave a little wiggle-room for interpretation… I think a year is a relatively generous margin… given how quickly technology moves. If they wait much longer, the unit will be completely obsolete.

While on the whole, I’ve been very happy with my Snapmaker, I think keeping promises to your constituents will have much bearing on whether or not a prospective backer weighs in for round two… I know it will influence me.

I hope they post something on this soon…


At last… Snapmaker has stated that they are poised to release the longer Z-Axis. I must say, I’m absolutely STUNNED that no on else appears to have been waiting on this… I’ve been looking forward to it ever since I made my pledge.

The question now is: What about the enclosure? Will there be an enclosure upgrade to go with this? It is going to be hard squeeze that in my existing enclsoure :slight_smile: