E3D Titan / V6 Mount

Here is my current project. It is not quite ready yet.

I need different M4 bolts and to work on the wiring. Probably going to actually replace the electronics with a RADDS board I have kicking around. As near as I can tell I got the nozzle in the exact same position as the original. Once I have done some testing I will upload it to thingiverse.


Wow thats cool. I managed to print flexible filament reliably though through a modification posted somewhere in this forum already (I can look it up when you want).

What I would love to do have though, is a dual extruder. If you manage to get this one working I can maybe pick up and try to integrate a dual extruder head (there seems to be a lot of them on aliexpress).

For an alternative to your own controller: I use your acessory mount (modified for use with nuts) and I am just printing a new fan shroud which accepts 2 40mm fans. I integrated them with a custom octoprint plugin. So you can use normal gcodes (cura generated e.g.) to switch the fan on/off according to your printing needs. Without the need for the controller to actually switch stuff.

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Works like a charm. I ordered it from shapeways bronze/steel.

Printing Shore 95A and 82A without problem. Using just 20mm/s though.

Any dual extruder would necessarily need to be either lighter than the existing one or be used in the dual Z-axis future design. The current model is marginal at best for lifting the weight of the X-axis and the print head.

One side project I have thought of doing is a 3D printed housing for the extruder which would greatly reduce the weight of the print head. I would still have a metal base plate that would be the mount and the rest of the cover in plastic. I imagine having the cover be able to snap on and off for easy access the to guts. I also imagine building in the airflow directing features to cool the extruder and cool the print for those material that need it. (A manual valve to turn off part cooling for ABS or other materials that don’t need cooling)

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Any dual (or more) head extruders I saw at aliexpress were bowden extruders. That would mean the steppers are not on the head. That would not be a problem weight-wise. It would probably be even lighter.

That also means that would not be good for flexible filament as was the goal for the thread starter, but flexible works fine with the modified original.

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There are multiple reasons I am trying to get my Titan working.

  1. It is over all a better extruder.
  2. It weighs less than the SM one.
  3. It has a 3:1 gear reduction
  4. It has a fully supported filament path so flexibles work well.
  5. It is an all metal hotend so it can go much hotter than the SM one which has a PTFE liner in the heater
  6. Till SnapMaker addresses my electrical safety concerns about the connector I feel that it is the safer option.
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Thats cool. Sou you could print nylon.

Would be nice to have the Snapmaker FW open source. So you could easily extend that for your own controller. Adapt acceleration and stufff for the other hotend. Extend tool detection and so on.

And finally also have more than 1 extruder…

I am not sure which way to go, if one replaces the whole electronic, you loose the settings (accel etc.) and the CNC/Laser. When using a second set of electronics for a dual hotend, there is lots of overhead. I managed that for a PWM FAN, but for a hotend thats much more stuff (stepper, heat, thermistor,…).

Their firmware is not special. About the only thing it does that is special at the moment is talk to their screen. There are firmwares out there that are designed to be used with multi function machines like RepRapFirmware (https://github.com/dc42/RepRapFirmware). RRF is neat because all configuration is done through Gcode. You do not need to recompile to change any settings. It also supports macros for things like tool changes, homing, pausing, etc. Those macros can change any setting so you can have one acceleration for 3D printing, one for the Laser, one for the CNC.

As for dual extruders, the print volume of the 3-in-1 is not really big enough for dual extruders. Dual extruders require an offset in X which will eat from the print volume. Instead of being 120x120x120 it will probably be more like 80x120x120. Which is kind of on the small side. A better solution would be to use a mixing print head like the E3D Cyclops.

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Yeah, sorry I meant dual extruder but single hotend. Cyclops is actually something I am looking at the moment. The extruders would be “remote” ones aka bowden. Diamond hotend looks nice too, but that would probably be impossible to get the nozzle in the same position as the original hence loosing volume, which is already not so much with the snapmaker.

I have no problems recompiling stuff, I’d rather have sane settings in via default instead of using gcode for that. But I fear that I crash the machine into itself when not having the right settings.

Also I would like to have the possibility to use the original controller when needed. So I would probably have to make an adapater for the linear module connectors.

Are you actually replacing the electronics for you project?

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I am replacing the electronics at this point, but my Titan mount will be universal.

As for the linear modules, I am using RJ45 keystone jacks to adapt them from the RJ25 to the Dupont connector my RADDS board takes. It is super simple. I just need to figure out the coil polarity on the steppers, but that is just a matter of flipping the wires around if I get it wrong.

As for RepRapFirmware and sane defaults, they have config file examples for all sorts of printers. Once I have my board running with the SM hardware I will share it as well.

Cool. Will you share the other details too? A BOM or something like that?

Of course. I am very much in favor of doing things in an Open Source manor.

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anything new on this?

As I’m replacing the electronics as I do this, it is taking time. I have it homing just fine, need to get mesh bed leveling working, then wire the extruder up once that’s done I’m going to print a revision to the Titan mount to include a part cooler.


First print withmy Titan. Still need to adjust a bunch of settings like the steps per mm. Once that’s done I need to tweak the designs and I’ll upload the mount to thingiverse. I will also be making a guide on switching the electronics.


You might also notice how much quieter it is. :smile:

Not bad for no supports, not part cooling, and the steps per mm being off.

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That is impressive :slight_smile:

You put the stepper for the head on the mount? Like with the original design?

Yes. For printing flexible materials you want as short of a path for the filament as possible. Also it still weights considerably less than the original because it doesn’t have that aluminum coffin surrounding the extruder/hotend. I think with two pancake stepper motors and two Titans it would still weight less than the original.