Improving Print Quality

Snapmaker runs a version of Marlin.
Doesn’t mean it supports all the commands and functions that are possible in Marlin.


I thought it would work if you put the “K” in comment in lower case?!

The accepted gcode commands can change with each new firmware release. So it might have worked at one point and does not work now? Not saying that this is what happened, just offering a possible explanation.

It was mentioned in that thread that use of the M900 command was fixed but I never actually tested this. In any case, if you follow the tutorial I linked you on another thread you can test K value manually but it is more time consuming.

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I see on your picture that it works.
Step down to run the test between 0.0 and 0.1
The most people run a k-factor of 0.08, I use 0.09 and some use 0.1.
You could better optical differences if you run the test with 20mm/s - 60mm/s (or more) - 20mm/s.

For the most print optimization it is helpful to run the extremes what you want to drive/print with normally.

Hope this helps!


I just ran this yesterday and can report that the k factor changes on the fly just fine. I deleted out all of the k Factor comments rather than bother with changing to a lower case, figured they don’t really need to be there. Worked just fine and could see a huge difference in the resulting lines as the factor increased. In the end k = 0.06 seemed to create the best result on my unit.



xchrisd, regarding the video you posted. They guy explains that you’re aiming as something just over the size of your extruder width. It makes sense that under that width it won’t work. What is says goes with the theory of the picture attached below. So roughtly .03 mm or so is the total extra width we’re aiming for? My picture is just exaggerating then I guess?


I would appreciate a sample of that g.code to try it out so that I can check mine! thanks

You could extrude a minimum of your nozzle width. Your nozzle is 0.4mm, so extruding less than 0.4mm is may not consistent. Standard extrusion width in slicers for a 0.4 nozzle is 0.48mm.