Good PLA sources

The Snapmaker PLA sample that was sent was pretty good. i ran out of that pretty quickly. i ordered some 3DXTech PLA and it worked ok, but after a while it started to jam the feeder and i would be able to get one print out before the next one would fail about half way through and i would have to take the entire printing module apart to get clear the feeder of all of the PLA. i am not sure if it is the fact that i am using something different or the fact that i am now using printer outside in order to also use ASA and ABS (both 3DXTect work great, but require the 90F of the porch in order to set the bed temp to 90-95C).

i was wondering if anybody has found other PLA’s that work great? that are not as moisture sensitive as 3DXTech’s. it may mean i need to print outdoors for the ASA/ABS, but indoors for the PLA, but was just seeing what other experiences were.


I use a lot of Inland filament because it is convenient to get from my local MicroCenter. I use their PLA and PETG. Other brands I’ve tried and recommend from include Ziro (marble filament), and 3D Solutech.

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I agree with @kelvin8r. I haven’t used either Ziro or Solutech yet but I just ordered some.

Here’s a review on 3D Solutech:

There are also reviews of other brands at that site too.
They also review HatchBox which I have one reel of. Works great for me.

is PETG less moisture sensitive than PLA?