First engraving

Got my SM today and the first thing I did was assemble it for laser engraving.

My first engraving turned out really good I thought. But, it was accidentally destroyed in a chop saw incident.

However, I engraved a fox for my niece. Looking forward to doing more laser stuff

I’m redoing my first engraving as I type this, but much bigger


Very nice!

Can you tell me what material you are using and where you are buying it? I want to print some things for my wife but want to make sure I select a good material for burning photos in greyscale where you can see the image properly.

Thank you,

I used some thin wood I had lying around. I’m sure it was bought at a dollar store or craft store. I also used some pine 2x4 that I had. Just make sure you don’t use treated wood

Menards carries 4 foot sections of board stock in various sizes and species. I bought some poplar from menards and it burned well. Pretty sure it was poplar anyways. Here’s a link:

Any home improvement stores probably carry some sort of board stock. I’d check there or if you have any lumber yards or craft stores in your area

Uploading a greyscale of Mount Rushmore I did on that cheap craft wood

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Worth adding that big supermarkets (e.g.: Walmart here in US) also has some boards in the “Crafts” section.

@atooltoscream how long it took for the Mount Rushmore engraving? I did a small (like 10x10 cm) picture of my daughter and it took way longer than I thought it would.

“Pure Black” engraving is fast enough though.

Yeah big box store wood availability will probably vary by region. The Walmart that I looked at didn’t have much for raw wood blanks. They had a lot of wood letters and shapes (hearts, crosses, circles etc) that could be fun to engrave on. But that is a good suggestion. Might be able to get some good keychain or coaster blanks at a big box store

I can’t remember exactly how long the Mt Rushmore took. I’m gonna guess that it took an hour or two maybe. It’s about 95 mm x 60 mm

hi, was this using the 200mw laser or 1600mw? do you remember the power settings you used?

It was the 200 mW laser.

Sorry I don’t recall the settings. However, since I was new to all this laser engraving stuff I might have used the standard settings or maybe I found a post on here with advice.