I am not sure if I assembled the "REY" correctly. Is the cutting area outside of the laser working area?

I was not able to achieve anything (Except COLOSSAL frustration) using Luban,

I just did my first tests today using Lighburn.
Strange thing. My first test was cut upside down even though it was displayed correctly in the working area of the LighBurn.
Since I hate that the laser head is “Homing” to the bottom left corner of the work area, blocking access to the work area, I set up the “Return to Finish Position” in the Lighburn. After cutting, the laser went straight in the opposite direction, trying hard to leave the work area.

When I assembled the “REY,” I noticed that one of the Y rails was marked as LEFT. Since I could not find the assembly instructions, I used common sense. Today, I noticed that the cables on all photographs I see on the internet are coming out of the front ends of the Y rails.
In my assembly, it is the opposite.
I wonder if I switched the rails during the assembly process, which is why the “Return to Finish Position” is outside the working area.

Sounds like the rail reversal is the answer to all your problems above.

Yes I just did it. Now Is homing to the left upper corner of the work area and is behaving cutting nicely. I am going test couple of thicker materials to see how it performs, and to see if the AIR is working.
First I had to play a little bit with the change of the job origin. The only problem now is that the cut is upside down comparing to the image in Lighburn. Probably I have to play with it in the “Edit” - “Device setting” menu.