Howto correct y-axis offset for my new quick swap mount?

Hi all,
i want to use a quick swap mount for the tool-heads. For this I have bought some parts from SmallRig (see pic).
My problem is now the y-axis offset… because of the thicker mounting plate…

How can I permanently save the Y-axis offset to compensate for the distance of the new mount?

thanks for any answers,

If you use a different slicer to Luban, like s3d or cura, you could set a offset and or define the workspace by your offset smaller.

If you want to auto level your bed with this offset you will have to manipulate the firmware.

ok… so it’s not so easy as I thought…
Thank’s for your answer @xchrisd.

Not sure, there is a lot deactivated or not proper programmed in the firmware, maybe this helps:

Thank you for the link… this command is probably what I want… :slightly_smiling_face:
Will give it a try… thanks again!

Unfortunately, I can’t move the offset that far (20mm) forward, otherwise the workbed will hit the housing…or end of axis…
I’ll probably live on with the 4 original screws…because not finding a suitable smaller quick swap clamp…
Maybe snapmaker itself will bring a new axle like the Artisans one with a quick release plate in near future…

Hmm, that looks like a really thick quick change mount. I’d suggest using this one snapmaker 2.0 quick tool changer by fips - Thingiverse. It works really well - only downside is that depending on where your filament is positioned, the removal handle can be dragged up, unclamping the tool lock (has only happened 3 times in a year, though) - simple fix could be using a cable tie to stop this - personally I haven’t gotten around to it.
I think the offset should be under the 20mm limit