How to Stack Objects on Top of One Another for Printing

I have imported 2 objects into Luban. Object 1 is just a round disc which will print from Left extruder in black color. Object 2 is text that is meant to go on top of Object 1 and will print in white color (that is the reason for 2 objects.). Luban does not allow me to place Object 2 on top of Object 1. It keeps auto anchoring to the print bed. What changes do I need to make so I can place an object on top of another? Any feedback helps. Thank you

@djc87 Its better to align the objects in the same software you used to create them before exporting to stl. Then you can align them in Luban with the align function. But if you must do it in Luban, the “auto anchoring” can be cancelled by right clicking before you release the left mouse button (while using the move function).

Thank you for the reply. Aligning everything in the program I use to create them is ideal (Sketchup); but how do I get Luban to recognize I have multiple groups that I want to differentiate which extruder to use?

I dont use Sketchup so not sure how it works, but the common procedure would be to export 2 aligned .stl files from the design software. Then use the align function in Luban…