How to place an object on top of another? Luban always drops it down to printplate

I want to print some letters with another extruder in top of a 2mm thick base plate. All other sclicers supports the movement of an object in Z-direction (in this case +2mm). But Luban always drops the object back on the printplate.



Hope there will be a simple solution too.


This used to be possible by moving in z and rightclicking before letting go of the left button. Not sure if it works in the latest versions of Luban though.
You are expected to use the align function…

There was a similar question recently, not sure of the title, have a look through the forum.

Maybe I’m missing something, but can’t you just do a 2 color print, and assign the text to the other color?

The easiest method I can see (since your base and wording seem to be two different models) is to use another slicer like Prusaslicer. Load in your base, right click > add part and load in your wording model. You can then manipulate it anywhere you want, then click File > export > export plate as STL and it will combine the two into one model and you can open that in Luban.

That’s not the easiest method because you have to get familiar with a new application.
I would rather suggest Cura, because it’s closer to Luban and potentially easier for the thread opener.

Cura does have a Snapmaker Plugin in the market place with printer profiles and the option to connect through network (if the printer supports it)

No, unfortunately this doesn’t work. Clicking the right mouse button holds the object at the z-position (without showing the exact z-coordinate) but the following click to “Generate G-Code” drops the object back to print plate.

There were some similar questions without a usabele solution. The most hints were the right mouse button, another slicer, combining both models and painting them in Luban for different extruders.

This was the goal. But as long as the letters are buried in the base plate this will not work.

Normally I’m using Simplify3D for slicing because the resulting GCode makes more sense than the code generated by Luban. But S3D doesn’t have a usable idle temperature management. So I tried to use Luban for multimaterial print. But this limitation of z-positioning makes it useless.

I’ve come up with two ways to do it. First one was select both objects (using shift+left click) and click Group at the top. This makes parts together and can be moved independently. Sadly, Luban doesn’t let you input the Z axis height so I had to just eyeball it. Here’s the results of that; WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free (modified and saved your project file)

Another way I found to do it was make a solid STL out of it with the letters on top, then use the Split button. This separated the base and every letter into parts and can be assigned extruders independently without moving them.

I’ve never sliced a file with Luban, nor do I have the dual extruder so… :person_shrugging: Hopefully that works.

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Both methods worked for me. Thanks for your solution.

Glad to hear it.