How to minimize seam artifacts with random seam placement setting

I’m currently printing a turntable for automated photogrammetry / 3dscan / spray painting and would like to get some tips on good ways to minimize the seam artifacts. Previously I have mostly used other seam placement settings than random and found the results to be good enough.

But on this model, because it involves a slewing bearing with a ballrace, the seam setting has to be random. This excludes Cura from being used because its seam placement functionality is a total abomination… I assume the same is true for Luban?

What slicer and settings are you using to minimize seam artifacts in your prints?
Looking forward to your thaughts about this!

Simplify3D has a random setting for seams. The downside is it’s paid software, but every time a new slicer comes along, I always seem to gravitate back to Simplify3D because you can do so many things with it.

@TheBum …exept for tree supports :cry: But otherwise I agree it’s a good slicer and in my opinion, it has the best user interface of them all. Anyways, I think most if not all slicers has random seam placement functionality these days, but I would like to minimize the artifacts as much as possible…

Prusa slicer and hand painted seams when I need them perfect.

@nweolu Yep that what I usually do too. But this time I must use the random placement :cry: I was thinking more in terms of retraction, wiping, coasting and wat not… :slightly_smiling_face: