How to laser text on a brown glas jar?

Hi there,

my wife collected a couple of empty glas jars (previously for medicine) and want to store spice and herbs in it. So i want to engrave the text on it to know what is inside.

What would be the best method to make it readable? So having the letter in white or a different light color would be the best. But how do i achieve this? Would water colors work?

This is one of the glasses i am talking about:

Never did brown glass, but I would not be surprised if the results for white glass apply:

TL;DR: Lasering glass works (white glass needs coating), the result is not as fine as etching or sandblasting, but not too bad after all.

It would be interesting to see if brown glass even works without coating…

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I know that a diode laser is not the best option, but at least i am giving it a try.
i have also followed the two threads you have linked

Not sure if i will find some time the next days. Will keep you updated

It worked, simply took colored wall paint. That is not the glass where it will be on. This is just a testing jar.
Not perfect, but enough space to optimize it.

Another topic i need to figure out is the placement in Luban. Even if i told in the code to write 25mm above the lower edge, it is now too far up on the glass

I’d recommend not to use Luban for absolute positioning, but put the text at the origin, and use the work origin via Touchscreen (Luban?) to achieve exact placement.

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I think i know where the problem was created.

Luban was ok, but i changed the work origin on the device while calibrating the laser z-axis

Give it another try later today

Is that a crack? Caused by the lasering?

yes, it is. Was caused by the laser.

I assume simply too much power or too slow movement of the laser. Trying it later with different settings.

If you can, try doing it on a hot jar. It may reduce the localised thermal expansion.

See here: Laser engraving glass - tried several methods, here are the results - #31 by Hauke - 10W laser, 40% power, 400mm/min. No cracks. I’ve done several glass etchings this way, no cracks.

Hot water inside: I’d discourage that: Imagine the glass still cracks, breaks and water flows across rotary module and Y-rails… Not an optimal scenario IMHO…

Surely not. If it becomes leaky i would have a larger problem than just the crack.

I thought already about faster speed and/or less power on the laser.
Trying it tomorrow

Quite right, I didn’t think of that, I’ll remove my suggestion.

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Second attempt, went much better by simply increasing the laser speed to 300mm (was 200 before).

Me and my wife are satisfied with the result.

Water based black tempera paint also works well. Very easy to rinse off.

Yes for sure, but Tempera color is hard to get here in a local store. I am not a fan of getting a single bottle of color shipped via Internet.

Another attempt, this time with simple water colors from a school paint box

I am confident with the result.

Some more results from today. Works very well and my wife is happy

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With or without paint?

only with paint. It doesn’t work without, even on brown glass.

It is engraving, but with a weird texture and some lines based on the laser light going through partially. Doesn’t look good

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